Pilates Teacher Training Program

The multi-dimensional Comprehensive Program is the only teacher-training program to be endorsed by Ron Fletcher.


Body Works Pilates is the international headquarters for Fletcher Pilates®, a licensed school, providing the most definitive professional Pilates education in existence. Our program derives from the physical conditioning method developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates and expands to include its evolution by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher. Through Fletcher Pilates® we offer comprehensive Pilates teacher training as well as a wide variety of licensing courses and exclusive continuing education opportunities.


What is Fletcher Pilates®?

Fletcher Pilates® is a complete physical conditioning program derived directly from the original Pilates method taught to Ron Fletcher by Joe and Clara Pilates. The dual emphasis on movement awareness and efficient body mechanics is key to improving posture, alignment and overall body balance. Ron Fletcher, staying true to Pilates' origins, developed an organic, flowing and artful series of movements - deeply engaging the body, mind and breath - that are as challenging to perform as they are satisfying to master. Combining the principles and precision of classic Pilates with his extensive modern dance background, Fletcher developed his own innovative Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Barrework™ and Percussive Breathing™ techniques creating an even more comprehensive movement experience.

Who is Ron Fletcher?

Ron Fletcher (May 29, 1921 – December 6, 2011) was a first-generation master Pilates teacher who studied directly under Joseph and Clara Pilates, authored Every Body is Beautiful, and danced in the Martha Graham Company. He was also a choreographer for various Broadway productions, network television and the International Ice Capades. Originally referred to Joseph Pilates by fellow dancer, Allegra Kent, for treatment of a chronic knee injury, Ron Fletcher studied the principles of Body Contrology from Joseph and Clara Pilates in their New York City studio at 939 8th Avenue on and off from 1948 until he opened his studio in Beverly Hills in 1971. Following Pilates' death, his wife, Clara, penned a now-famous letter to Ron Fletcher. In this letter, Clara Pilates wrote, "There is far to go with this work - this work is in your blood and you are the man to create and develop it from this point on. Go and do!" Although Fletcher declined Clara's subsequent offer to direct the original New York Pilates studio - opting instead to open his own studio in Los Angeles - he has done far more than just carry the Pilates torch. Clara steadfastly insisted "This is just the tip of the iceberg", "Just stay true to the A-B-Cs." A gifted dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Ron Fletcher kept that notion foremost in his mind as he continued to lend his own vision, sensibility and genius for movement to the original Pilates method.

What is the Program of Study?

The Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study is the most comprehensive and definitive international Pilates educational program of its kind. Our program derives from the physical conditioning method developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates in the 1920s and expands to include its evolution and interpretation by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher. Ensuring the consistency and continuity of the Fletcher Pilates lineage, this multi-dimensional Program of Study includes the Fletcher Pilates Preparatory Course, Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program made up of the Foundational and Professional Programs, as well as a variety of licensing courses and specialty continuing education.

What is the Comprehensive Program?

The Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the complete Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method and to instill an understanding of how to teach Fletcher Pilates®. Our Comprehensive Program is divided into the Foundational and Professional Programs. Upon successful completion of the Foundational Program, students receive a Qualified Teacher Certificate and are eligible to seek employment as Pilates teachers in studio, clinic, fitness and other settings. Our Professional Program expands upon this range of knowledge to include the full Fletcher Pilates syllabus and curriculum further developing teaching and movement skills to be successful as a full-time Pilates professional, with a Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher Certificate. The complete range of Pilates apparatus is incorporated as well as signature Fletcher Pilates® techniques in both levels of the Program.

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