Private Session Path

Our private Pilates sessions incorporate the full range of Pilates studio equipment and are designed to meet your specific goals. Each Private session series begins with a postural assessment to evaluate progress and establish new goals.  


COREtet™ Prep

This introductory series of 3 customized sessions is the ideal preparation to initiate your COREtet™ pass. Each COREtet™ Prep begins with a postural & movement assessment, followed by an introduction to all Pilates apparatus. This is the prerequisite to all COREtet™ sessions & passes. 


COREtet Session Path

Experience the personal attention of a semi-private Pilates session with the energy of a small group class. Join an existing COREtet or gather your ideal foursome.               
Prerequisite: COREtet Prep™


To complement your Pilates program, Group Class and Therapeutic Massage programs are also available at our central studio. Group classes build stamina and endurance and Massage sessions help you achieve ultimate physical fitness.

No matter your path, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week to establish consistency and maximize benefits and goals. Standing sessions are strongly recommended.

Call for more information or to make an appointment to visit either of our two locations.